Salt Lake City, Utah, USA February 8-10, 2008
All photographs by Jerry Search, US Speedskating and the Southern California Speed Skating Association (SCSSA).
Copyright © 2008, All Rights Reserved.

More than your normal short track speed skating photos, I am trying to show as much detail of our sport as I can, with the many angles that you would have if you were in the stands, watching for yourself.  Plus I did try and get as many of the various skaters as possible, in the hopes that they will discover their photos online.
In addition, as you will see, I am experimenting with close up shots, so we can see things such as blades, glove tips, pad testing, levitation, etc. that we would not see otherwise.  And my new lens allows me to shoot deep, from across the ice, to get shots that look like I was standing in the center of the ice. I hope you enjoy the photos, and find them useful!  Jerry Search

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