To Promote Speedskating Through Financial Support

Here are the names of the 2014 ASU Scholarship winners,
Scholarships were for $1500 each.
Alaina Fiorenza (Carol Blatchford Memorial Scholarship)
Daniel Fiorenza (Howard Gutgesell Memorial Scholarship)
Melinda Frank  Shannon Holmes  Lexi Burkholder  Christopher Karow

Welcome to the home page of the ASU Foundation!  The ASU Foundation was created by the Amateur Speedskating Union in 2001, prior to its merger with US Speedskating in 2002.  The ASU Foundation's purpose is to "Promote Speedskating  through financial support.", by awarding scholarships annually to speedskaters and coaches in the United States who are currently registered with US Speedskating.  In addition the ASU Foundation maintains the Medallion and Medal Fund, which, based on perpetual sponsorships, provides the Medallions and Medals to the US National Championships and the North American Championships when held  in the United States, as well as covering certain Hall of Fame expenses. It does all of this by drawing from the interest accrued each year in their investment accounts

The ASU Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, incorporated in the State of Illinois.  Donations are fully tax deductible in accordance with tax laws.